Bachpan.. the childhood days

When I sit back near my window, basking in the warm rays of the sun..
The day reminds me of the lovely spring,
The beautiful days and the bright memories of the past
The magical smiles of the kids take me back to my prime time!!

The exams had finished and the holidays begun!!
Nothing better to do than watch TV or play outside…
No rush to brush or to wash the muddy feet!
The day would pass reading champaks and nanhe samrats!!
While I waited for the evening to dawn, I watched chhutti chhutti all along 🙂

The day of the result and the dreadful moments pass..
The new books with illustrations would take all my thoughts!!
The summer would knock while I took the evening walks..
The new uniform, the bag and the tiffin box was ready to spread its charm!!

The trump cards or the snaky ladder, we all were ready to plunge!
The heart wishes to go, play statue or steppu in the front yard!!
The school would begin and the fun was so much more!
The laughter of your girlfriends made up for the studious day!!

Come the annual days and the excitement had no bars!
The dance practice and the award ceremonies would take your breath away!!
The attention of cute guys made you feel so special!
The stolen smiles and the dreamy world was so nice and pleasant to be!
Inside still feels a child!! As would always be!!

The world I believe is changing… the mind wants to wander ..
Take a stroll which was…. Which is … the most adorable times to be!!

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