Every Moment

“If you are aware, if you are open, if your heart is open, you’ll see that every moment you can live in the knowledge—no matter what you are doing. You don’t have to have to get away from all this and sit in some corner, on some mountain, in some monastery somewhere. No, no! You can be doing your work, be on your job, do all that you want to do and yet maintain that inner awareness. ”  SSRS

I experience this so much every moment…Everything we do is meditation, sadhana,yoga. In fact every act or life itself  becomes expression of yoga,sadhana,meditation . You take some time out for that everyday – that is good.. necessary in the beginning for discipline and for the body..but after while everything you do is part of it…You don’t do something you are part of it..You don’t  love..you are love itself..

 You don’t have any restriction, it’s so much open that you don’t have choice but to live knowledge each moment. And you can experience this in whatever you do whichever field you work,research business, service, corporate, job , student …

Know that you are already special and free…this very moment ..you don’t have to wait for years and years to get enlightened. It takes only a moment for that shift to happen and yes you are there.  I feel lucky to realize and live this each moment and want to share this with everyone.

Life is just unlimited joy , each breath is so special , we are moving in the sea of energy. Sometime it might be just that moment you are down and with some negative thought but it’s not you…Its just that moment you have that layer of that thought ,some stress or  emotion here and there .. Once you see beyond that, you are so beautiful..everyone of us is so beautiful ..unique..masterpiece (masters piece)

One more one line from my friend Prabhu: Foolish people live for the moment; Coolish people live in the moment.


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