Romancing the divine!!

These thoughts had been in my mind for so long now. I would request the reader to keep the divine or the purest form of love in mind.

Weren’t you there sitting with me enjoying the ice-cream on the stairs below the church..near the crossing…
Were you not observing when I remembered you reading this book and had tears in my eyes…

The song which popped up on radio and took my thoughts away bringing me close to you…
You were listening to it all when we cracked jokes about you and laughed our hearts out!!!

You walked beside me in the wee hours of the morning when I felt scared of situations unknown…
The raindrops which hit me while I drenched in them, my eyes closed … weren’t you the raindrops?? Or maybe the smile on my face…

The laughter of a child on the roadside who turned and smiled back at me — Ah!! Well!! I knew it had to be you!!

You were present in all the knowledge I absorbed~~ it had all come from you!!
In all my prayers!! In the breath I take!! The work, the fun.. You are me and I am you!! Isn’t it??

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