The Raghu who was!! The Raghu who IS!!

Had heard about him for the first time like a gunda of the gang!! The most talked about hero of the whole group!! “Oh raghu.. U don’t know him yet!! Just let him come OK..” and the smirk… was Gautam’s reply. “Hahaha..beta raghu ko aane do ek bar” (said Tani when we the poor fachchas asked for an explanation)…. . “Beta Tani dekhte hai tujhe… bas kuchh din aur… hasle hasle..” Gautam had felt sooo powerful on seeing Tanis fearful eyes 😉

Finally we saw him… on the IGSA welcome dinner… sitting in the first row, with the beautiful girl whom we had heard about. The conversation was hilarious. We had tried to induce suspicion in his girlfriend’s mind that he had been around with many more chicks.

And so the sequence began. From the racket ball games to the black couches in University centre. From the graduate parties to dinner hosting. He was all there. The centre of attraction. You could spot him anywhere and everywhere. Huddled up in a group of girls and wooing them. On one of his friends birthday, getting accolades for his jokes.

Job or no job. Food or no food. Girl or no girl. U would always find Raghu happy. Laughing his heart out!! He would give in 100% in everything he did!! Be it sleeping, eating, playing or for the matter of fact–studying. With the most positive attitude on achieving success. Well he actually did manage to get two jobs simultaneously!!

I remember we were going for a party to the firehouse lounge.. He was teasing me all along during the bus ride!! And finally admitted that the thing he liked most about me was the ability to take humor in positive sense even when it was directed on me!! And that too in large quantities.. Man! I was flattered!!

The party was rocking! We had danced so much! Bollywood music in a disc!! Who could have resisted it!

He accepted the job in California and shifted!! The bike! The car! And you could see the smile!!

And the news came!! He had left us all!! I am sure he would be making fun of somebody or laughing his heart out that time too.

The friend who was!! The friend who is!! He smiles every time we all have fun!! Meet up!! Dance! Perform!!  And as Tani plays… bin tere, bin tere, koi khalish hai hawaaon me bin tere….

–You’re not afraid to die when you’ve lived your life to the fullest!!


1 Comment

  1. Deepika said,

    November 9, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    very well said.. I think I am the one who met him most recently.. in California.. n we made huge plans of partying hard whenever I get a job. I am here.. but he is not. But am sure he is sitting up there.. between beautiful angels and having fun… we all miss u Raghu….

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