Into the blissful unknown

And so the world rolls on further a bit..
Time flies when you dont care about it..
When feelings and emotions offer pleasures as a bait..
Our commitment is the thread which holds our fate..
Its an old saying which I actually found true..
Focus on charity and the Divine manyfolds gives back to you!

The joy and sorrow come unannounced, unexpected, unknown..
In such moments, we realize how much we have grown..
Untouched I am from everything around me!
The feeling comes and sets me free..
Unfathomable is this happiness that freedom brings..
Enlivening is this melody that Nature sings..

Something timeless which has been witnessing me..
Is actually me whoever whatever I may be..
Something serene has been always with me..
It is my Self, this I myself see..
Somewhere I always wanted to be..
I have been always there, wherever I may be..
Whatever I need, God will surely give..
Keeping this faith, Thats how I live!


1 Comment

  1. ghazal said,

    November 7, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    beautiful…i want to live with this thought forever!!!

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