Never judge a book by its cover


When Susan Boyle walked onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, the audience saw a dowdy, middle-aged woman from village who announced she was unemployed, had never been married, and “never been kissed.”

She was not able to talk properly while giving answer to onef the oquestion. She wanted to be professional singer but never got chance in 47 years of her life. Everybody wrote off her as not having chance to be a great singer.

Bur she stunned the judges and audience by singing ‘I Dream A Dream’. It was amazing performance which has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. She was simply amazing. Hats off to her.

I was  reading blog by Richard John where he has theory about success by ALPs (Average Looking Person) Vs BLPs (Beautiful Looking Persons). According to his research the top people in any field are usually ALPs, not BLPs. According to him being good looking  even may hinder success.

Susan Boyle is ALP and fits to his theory. I think he is right except Hollywood/bollywood. Being good looking will give you advantage for may be first opportunity. Many beautiful people sit back in their comfort zones, rest on their looks, and float through life. Doors are opened for them. They get the best seats at restaurants. They automatically get noticed, so they may never learn to WORK hard and PUSH themselves that really will help them succeed.Meanwhile, the average-looking people, like Susan Boyle, have to work their butts off and keep pushing themselves in order to get noticed – and in the end that takes them further than looks ever would. I’m not saying good looks won’t help you get a date. I agree its not always true. Also if you see the list of billionaires or worlds top CEOs they are mostly ALPs.

The harder the things to achieve you PUSH harder and reach higher. At last it doesnt matter whether you are ALP or BLP …everybody is so beutiful from inside. Just dive inside and explore self. You are not less or more than anybody.






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